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'make eco fun'



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'My Eyes Have Seen The Glory Of The Promised Land (Economy) And It's All 'Eco�??!'

Posted by green2stay on April 16, 2016 at 1:10 AM Comments comments (24348)

The Fossil Fuel Dilemma

Elon Musk summed it up beautifully

'"Given that at some point they'll run out anyway, why run this crazy experiment to see how bad it'll be?

The Fossil fuels delima is not just about the environmental argument,

It is also encompasses the point that removing these products or changing there molecular structure of solids to gases(_) without knowing what crucial purpose they play in the earths survival’s processes goes against the fundamental progression of human understanding,

I mean when was the last time you discovered that any form of life or yield to this planet served no purpose of its current forms and didn't perform a crucial role to maintain the Earths delicate balance?


'What purpose does all this oil and gas play down there? 'It would be more reasonable to suggest that under the ground it serves an important role, in harmony with everything to our knowledge on this planet does in its raw state?


We really need to go beyond the old argument politician's and corporate fossil lobby uphold that 'It's there because we need to drive our economies with energy!,

I mean since when did such lame emptied reasoning take over our power of reason?.

Just how lazy have we humans become?.


One would think that an economic cost is motive alone to strive to at least give the fossil fuel industry a better argument given the enormous expense of even locating and extracting these elements?, not to mention to transport refine and market these products?.

'If the fossils fuel motive was our defense lawyer we would all be locked up, with no hope for release,

It's just such a lame argument!.


I don't do public discussion's for 2 reason's 1/ Is I am not a climate scientist and so I leave the scientific argument about to the science to those who practice science.

2/ I just get so frustrated at the seemingly lack of action and lame excuses given for the slow degrading course our 'Leaders' are leading us down!


But one thing I have come to understand from maintaining 15 websites 3 communities and over 30 social forums over 5 years? is the 'enormous commercial and social potential of this forum!'


I think if I was promoting any other product other sustainable economies I would probably be very financially settled by now, but not even a fraction job satisfied as what I am involved doing now!


As a child I envisioned a time when we as humans could achieve economic, political, religious and cultural unity and still maintain our individual geographic and historic individuality.


And now because of the rapid exchange of information on the worldwide web I can imagine that time!,

hence the title of this discussion 'hallelujah'







'So what is my rant?

2 points actually first the 'negative'


'Climate change is 'real' We are definitely increasing it's destructive effects and we consciously 'choosing' to do so!'


I mean for those of religious persuasion even the bible prophesied or foretold a time someone would be destroying the Earth? Revelation 11:18 (!)


Not of the religious type? well the how about the studies of Svante Arrhenius(^) who rationalized the case of the term 'greenhouse effect (@), in the early 1900's one of several who did including Alexander Graham Bell who in 1917 wrote "[The unchecked burning of fossil fuels] would have a sort of (#)greenhouse effect(*)", and "The net result is the greenhouse becomes a sort of hot-house.'Bell went on to also advocate the use of alternate energy sources, such as solar energy. Bell saw the 'Eco' promised land with eyes of faith as a scientist!.


The second point -

2/'Is good news' is the rapid understanding of global environmental events as communicated by the web and the adoption of technologies that minimize or reduce our dependence on these fuels,


But the really unifying, co-operative and utopian result in all of this is that no matter the creed or religion, color or economic or even political identity you pertain to?, is does not figure,

'for the first time we are completely unified by the realization we are 'ALL' doomed or saved depending on your outlook!


My dream of world unity has come about by way of a sort of a cruel irony!




Relevant Education


As I have witnessed, encouraged, and acceptance of a thriving 'Eco' Tourism Industry In developing countries, I see not only an opportunity for better economic distribution of more regional or communal areas, but also an increased awareness and appreciation for long existing indigenous survival skills and wisdom. This new appreciation of the success of these peoples to adopt and utilize the natural resources in a sustainable manner is rapidly being distributed amongst a younger generation of students and travelers eager to share this by means of social media.

This acknowledgment and acceptance of these ancient methods must not be underestimated in it's ability to teach humans vital skills to co-operate and thrive in harmony with the environment.


As it stands the testimony or the fruit-age or results of ones education is demonstrated by the achievements or failure's of a community that promotes that program. This alone is evident to the fact of complete failure of some aspects our so-called higher education in it's record of protecting our source of life, Earth itself!.Why because the teaching or educating and advocating the adoption and continued use of these method's is bringing our species to the brink.




This highlights an urgent need of reflection on the fundamentals that drive our system namely our Education, is warranted whereby if those fundamentals directs us to maintain and hold to a destructive course,


The time for defending educative traditions is long past, if the mentors and graduates of that education namely scientist's and academic's themselves call us to question these results produced by this syllabus for our continued survival or existence, do they not?


Moreover research has suggested that education or learning begins in the womb so early development or appreciation of a sense of moral duty to the Environment's health in the gauge of our societies success is a foundation in the 'basic' teaching's of many indigenous culture's if not all, and actively encourage the nurturing of these teaching's at a very early age of life.(&)

This adoption of indigenous teaching's should not just stem from a desire for just a passive inclusion of these culture's nor just as fashionable decoration, but from a genuine effort in understanding how humans and nature can exist and succeed, but further in many instances also from an acknowledgment of the superiority of these methods over traditionally accepted schooling programs, in their ability to protect our natural life systems. The earlier in life these inclusions occur the sooner these environmental values will be adopted and strengthened and even improved. The sooner our prospective cultural, economic and social values can evolve to reflect that wisdom and understanding while maintaining our unique distinctive diverse values.


Not only that but the sooner these ancient methods that partner Eco tourism so successfully, are shared The sooner these skills will be regarded with the seriousness that they deserve as an alternative for partnering all Industries, for researching and funding many sustainable businesses, professions and industries that are available for our youth.


Media's Role

So this global dilemma’s realization, must be the focus and motive of our combined effort to exert sustainable international economic solutions.


Media plays a crucial role in the public's acceptance for urgent action away from damaging fossil fuels no matter what the economic challenges imagined, Because 'the planet is not constrained to act within the parameter’s that seem convenient to our financial comfort zone'.


Governments need to cease from using mainstream media as the mouth peace of their personal party agenda's and rapidly commence arguing the case of cleaner safer energy solutions to maintain any relevance to their ruling pertinence or existence.


'They can still use their own perception and party style adopted to the debate they just need to do it with the real vigor and urgency passion as such an argument of this importance demands!'


Wanted Democratic Leaders, Cowboy's And Gambler's need not apply!

'The Fatalist Party' Ideal that blind market forces will eventually prevail and everything will all just fall into place like the end of a Hollywood Feature Is not only foolish it betrays the trust in which leader's are selected and elected!'


Nether is the notion that some deities will rescue us from all our conscious foolish decision’s, against practical act of reason!

'You just have to examine the history books or the bible to decipher the outcome of these courses?'


Government Policy Crucial


If Research development and investment are to drive this 'new (clean) economy. Then strong Government policy along with targets is necessary to dissuade from the path of least resistance or inaction!


Information Sharing


These policies require strong and deliberated debate along with scientific argument,

The results of prospective variations in method of delivering these solutions should demonstrate obvious success results. In many instances these adoptive measure's is already producing positive results which eliminate the need for re-valuation and costly time, energy and funding!


In Conclusion


Pondering the challenges and opportunities ahead I believe finally the social and personal health benefits alone are a strong motive for guiding our pathway on this 'new' sustainable economy if not also for the economic, technological and educative reasons. Because from my observation the stifling factor in our progressive survival is the inability to use the necessary energy needed to produce these developments. Sustainable energy system's will remove these obstructions and reinvigorate our creative or inventive potential so we can achieve these results.


If there is still any doubt about the inability to deliver these positive outcome from all levels please examine the many thousands of concurrent posts, blog's and report's from our “Eco' sustainability network.

They have greatly encouraged myself a former skeptic and teacher to that effect and they bring testimony to the unifying effect of this new awareness, all the way from the halls of university grounds to the jungles of Africa, Asia and the Amazon. Recorded over the last five years and available on all formats on our sites,(see :


With that I invite and encourage you to join me in peering into that promised land either from a spiritual or secular level and 'see that truly it is all 'Eco'



(-) source -



(!)Revelation 11:18 'NIV '...and to destroy those who destroy the earth."

(^) source


(&) source (in part) Using the Environment in Mathematics and Science Teaching: An African and Aboriginal Perspective Anthony N.Ezeife

#Eco Rating Sydney Hotels

Posted by green2stay on September 16, 2015 at 2:05 AM Comments comments (484)

Eco Rating Sydney Hotels for September 2015


Immediately upon looking at homepage of my former affiliated hotel I got to admit, I felt depressed

since 2011 to present despite the topic of climate being one of the most current issues in world media there was not even an iota of mention in fact the website nearly looked identical, just better quality HD images,

the social media too was disappointing in 3 months the most 'Eco' post was a photo of a fresh fruit platter and a add for the spa, it’s not right that hotels like this get to portray themselves as a servant of the public when they have so little consideration for the environmental beauty that surrounds them. and accounts why when hotels who do want to encourage sustainability can't get a mention, as far as environmental programs rate again not even a mention of sustainability in 4 yrs. of Tourism promotion I am absolutely astounded?.


Well again the Hilton scores a '0' for homepage mentions of environment responsibility and sustainability programs,

The social was also void of mention of sustainability despite having plenty of opportunities for at least some organic food with lots of restaurant promotions and a spring lamb special,

I am totally amazed the so many so called in vogue patrons would not be more selective and demanding in their choice of dining selection?

They did a $5 donation to farmers on a occasion so they score a 1,

Also there was no mention of sustainability or environmental programs!'


Homepage on the 4 seasons has no mention of sustainability or environmental programs, no mention of community,

The social page again absolutely full of 'self' promotion nothing social about that!, lots of food promotions but again no mention of organic fresh, grass fed meats or sustainable fish products, people in Sydney must have no idea these products should be standard in 5 star establishment!


By now you might discern from my tone I am quite annoyed

! Homepage on the Hyatt Park Sydney no mention of sustainability or community environment, ironically there is a corporate responsibility claimer but how that can be distinguished separately from environmental responsibilities I don't know?

Social media gets 1 point for the photo of the dog!


has a very extensive homepage they asked for feedback I did initially agree but then ran out of time and opted to volunteer this report at my socials disposal, they again did not mention sustainability or environment,

They did have 'link' however to responsibility programs and sponsor programs but we only qualify direct homepage promotion not links to other research!

The Social Post’s -NO mention on the food posts of organic or fair-trade again!

The photo of the cockatoo resting on the balcony will score 1 point!'



Westin no mention of sustainability or community on the homepage! The social post nearly identical to the competition hotel’s quite amusing really, I gave the Westin a heads up (quick message).In my former hotel employment days I stayed on the 20th floor of this hotel. And I resigned I visited the Hotel and discussed with a H.R member my disappoint that the Hotel had not adopted many sustainability imitative in their marketing program; I still recall her face like I was talking to her in a foreign language? That was nearly 8 yrs. ago. Sad to suffice not much has changed.




Remember the days when the big hotel in the city was the centre point for the latest social, political and fashion statement. The Big Event at the hotel was a talking point for some progressive change in our current understanding or awareness? I do. That is what encouraged me to want to be in the industry, always in the back of my mind however this niggling concern for the resources that were demanded sourced and sometimes wasted always made me long for a time when the Hotel Industry would make these important issues part of their marketing attraction.

In Part I can happily say that there are properties that reflect that concern that have made the environment an important part of their marketing and promotional strategy.

This is hugely important for 2 vital reasons, 1/What drives consumer choices today is awareness of a business goods raw materials which allows customers to make conscience decisions that shape markets.

2/the second reason it allows customers, communities, suppliers and authorities a gauge for understanding growth direction for these businesses and where improvements can be made.


This second is absolutely tantamount to addressing environmental concerns, because fundamentally how can we reward a business or hotel in this instance if we don’t understand the strategy or environmental policy it has adopted. Reward for good or positive business model adoption is crucial to the free market system.

But if we just forget all these business principles and just simply adopt a habit or rewarding inconsequential forces for commercial loyalty we really have become an enemy of the free market system and consequently will stifle our own innovative potential.


Now don’t get me wrong I am not suggesting that these establishment are not quality product’s in their own right, I am suggesting however that we don’t take such a crucial issue as we have today of environmental demands we are simply are becoming clanging instrument with no distinct note in a an orchestra or rewarding a musician who simply can’t play or is willing to master his instrument!.

Feel free to impart your view also thanks for your support and remember as always ‘make eco fun’.



#Eco Rating Sydney Hotels

Posted by green2stay on September 16, 2015 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (486)



Sustainable Chemical And Engineering Science

Posted by green2stay on July 11, 2015 at 2:10 AM Comments comments (579)

Sustainable Chemical And Engineering

Words By Ian Foote

Next time you ride your surfboard, flush your toilet or recline on your leather chair think- Bio Engineering!


What's You say?

One of the linchpins driving Economic forces today is chemical engineering. This form of science is behind our everyday mundane items. Things such as coffee cups, adhesive tape, fibre glass, PVC piping, textile materials, toys, plastics and that worldwide add up to billions of dollars in trade.

Although much is being discussed regarding the efforts of world governments to tackle carbon emissions.little or next to nothing is being mentioned regarding sustainable chemical engineering science or bio-engineering.


What do we mean?

Yeah sure 'EV' Electric Vehicle transport, solar power, bio fuels, even hydrogen fuel cells all have had their time in the sun when it comes to discussing possible 'Eco' solutions.But if we are going to tackle environmental issues seriously we need to consider 'bio engineering'


For 2 very good reasons, firstly we need understand a modern industrialised economy's' massed produced products' because they potentially harm the planet more.

Secondly, the items that get all the attention for 'eco-bility’ things like solar panels,'EV' cars, wind power turbines and fan blades (which can span up to 75 metres in length) are comprised of elements or parts that presently contain harmful chemicals or components (at a molecular level) that are not so 'eco' friendly. So if these background parts are not addressed with the same intensity as the more glamorous items, it's a zero game.


Recently while researching sustainability I discovered a You Tube video discussing this very issue. Dr. Richard Wool, Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, discusses "Sustainability, Jobs and Opportunities through Green Chemistry and Engineering" at the 16th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference, hosted by the Green Chemistry Institute of the American Chemical Society. Video URL





In a nutshell Wool considers the molecular structure of some of these everyday components such as 'poly styrene' and he did this to gauge the reaction of there structure under various conditions to demonstrate the natural use and aging process of these items. Once determined and assessed these organic substitutes could be researched and be developed to replace the synthetic ones. He also discusses natural items such as linseed oil that mimic the behaviour of synthetic products under normal use and aging on a molecular level. The results of this research are on the way to producing products with lower harmful effects to the environment. Even waste such as leaves can be produced into building material and Dr Wool went on to mention examples buildings being trialled in Africa. Other products such as leather (which is much loved but very environmentally degrading in it's manufacture) can be 'Bio fied' by engineering to create new 'Eco' leathers which are produced from a plant or natural bases.

So just from discussing only a few examples one can see the enormous potential and the need to replace these synthetic products which may be releasing poisons on their breakdown. Industry and manufacturing companies are increasing the demand for more natural ingredients for their hi-tech items as well.

The opportunity to create more natural elements for all the everyday plastics and chemicals we use is matched only by the ever increasing demand to lower the harmful poisons we are breathing every day in our normal lives.

These chemicals coming from our manufacturing, energy production, transport, packagings and other industries are not only being released into our atmosphere but are also seeping into drinking water leaching into our oceans and resting on our food stuffs.

So with the awareness of these facts comes the responsibility to act.


So next time you’re sitting on your surfboard on the coast contemplate this? your next boardshape may be being grown thousands of kilometres away in a harvest plantation in the bush. Then the onus for a solution to all our environmental demands won't seem like a far off problem someone else has to solve or worry about it becomes as it should be a mutual opportunity we share on this planet to solve our co continued existence. *Source Content In Whole Or In Part-

Green2Stay Eco.Com -Green2Blog

Sustainability, Jobs and Opportunities through Green Chemistry and Engineering ACSGCInstitute


The 'EV' Electric Vehicle Revolution

Posted by green2stay on June 1, 2015 at 11:05 PM Comments comments (692)" target="_blank">http:// 


'The 'EV' (Electric Vehicle) Revolution.

The Other Revolution

'There is a revolution taking place? No not in civil rights, and not even in the growth of Western style communications on emerging economies,What we are discussing is the 'Electric transport' or 'EV' Revolution!.

Ok so you think you've heard it all before,So why is it different this time?.

 The world's biggest automaker's and every other form of transportation for that matter are implementing strategies right now to involve themselves in this 'Revolution'.

 But why electric you say?,

 Everyone has heard of the challenges we face environmentally,but the essence of the 'EV' solution lies not in the mode of transport but rather the method by which the energy is sourced namely via 'solar'.

 The biggest hurdle that the electric vehicle transport industry had were namely the amount of power that could be produced 'cleanly' and the method of storage of the energy'aka' the battery design.

 What do we mean?

 The anti clean energy lobby make the argument that solar just can't produce the amount of power needed to produce a city's transport needs.But they really are not considering the big picture.New research and development in the area of Solar,wind and other forms clean energy are being developed and implemented into the mainstream mix that even the internet can hardly keep pace with the progress.

 There is investment and commitment from the world's biggest financiers and communications and media companies.There is also undertaking of companies such as Tesla,Siemens,and Alstrom to perpetuate and grow the clean energy 'EV Revolution. Progress in battery development and recycling in not only traditional markets such as the U.S,Japan and Germany, is happening but also in emerging economies such as Eastern Europe,Asia and Africa.

 The world has sensed sustainability is a 'new game' and consequently joining in.Ok so how is this playing out on the road?

 One example is, it's now possible to drive from the West Coast of the United States to the East Coast completely free of fuel cost.

 This is just an extra incentive in the adaptation from fossils to clean energy methods.So you may ask how is electric good for the environment?

 Well the implementation of solar charging will remove the need for dirty sourced power.And these methods are available in many different forms both fixed and mobile.

 The emergence of 'EV' vehicles is inevitable not only can these vehicles prove they can outperform and handle as well as their traditional counterparts, they are safer on the road and eliminate the enormous cost in fuel, freight and transportation, not to mention the noise and other related hazards that come with fossil fuels.

 As an extra bonus in favor of the 'EV' existing vehicles can be modified and converted to this electrified method so your cherished classic can enjoy a renaissance into a clean rebirth.

 So what are some of the disadvantages of 'EV's?

 Well the initial purchase price of the vehicle, however with the commitment of Industrial superpowers such as China the U.S and Germany who are mobilizing their capacity for the adaption, will ensure to allay that argument.

 Also Australia's reluctance to adopt these emerging technologies has seriously stifled the solar and sustainable's industry potential and the 'EV' Solution.

 These modes of development are being structured and molding the future economic strategies not only in the car industry but also in the bike,bus,tram,boat,airline and train economies as well who the latter incidentally'feed' power back to grid .

 Despite this,there is still reason for optimism as community awareness and sense of contribution from the general public is encouraging and has endured the strategy from the 'anti climate change lobby.

 This will ensure Australia's rightful place in the 'EV' REVOLUTION!'

 *Main source whole or in part Green2Stay Eco 'The EV Alliance Community


Eco Tourism In Asia

Posted by green2stay on June 1, 2015 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (409)

Eco Tourism In Asia


Words By Ian Foote.


One definition of ''Eco'Tourism is described like this 'tourism directed towards exotic natural environments, intended to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife.*source Google search


:DThe description itself sums up the Industry which is transforming communities right across Asia. Lets ponder on this term just briefly?. Tourism as defined by the act of travelling to a destination for the purpose of sightseeing or recreation, and like other journeys Asia has long been a sought after location, for as long as people have sought to travel. Asia with it's close proximity to all major continents and established travel routes still conjures up a mysterious and exotic impression in the minds of even the most seasoned traveller.


Even in this modern mobile technology era, Asia has defended it's wild and unpredictable character and wears it as a badge of defiance of it's independent spirit. But under the surface of Asia lies it's extremely humble and hospitable nature that entices many a visitor to it's region, and capturer’s your favour forever. Whether it be the food and spices or rich diversity of culture and wildlife, Asia has an abundance on offer for all who wish to venture there. The intention of travelling to a destination for the purpose of contributing rather than taking has enormous virtue in this age. And this is where Asia shines. Asia has respectfully not allowed itself to be moulded by the fast growing economic awareness the has shaped the colonial west. Every day I hear the media pounding’s of our news telling us the commercial progress of our new but old trading partner. And every day I correspond with my Asian colleagues who refuse to allow this this new perception of Western awareness define or shape their mellow and humble character. Be it may that all of my contacts in Asia are involved in the sustainability or Eco Tourism culture, the Asia they portray to me is the real Asia where the pace of life has not been influenced by the economic and financial rumblings that rule our cities. Each time I view a new posting of my contacts I sense a contentment seldom achieved by our standards.


Right across the Asian region the term 'Eco' tourism has become the linchpin that is bestowing new opportunities on the village culture lifestyle. The ability to build into the native community a unique and varied product has enabled the administrative bodies a channel of new development. This new form of tourism has captured a new sense of spirit that allows each different Asian culture an opportunity to showcase it's history and lifestyle. This in turn is enriching and emboldening each member of their respective communities to contribute towards the sense of achievement. The more a local or village is encapsulated into the product the more the city or country is marketed for it's uniqueness, as opposed to the mass stereotyped marketing of mainstream tourism. But because the traveller's are extending into the further regions and bringing there money with them the more the trickle effect of monetary gain is also shared as well.


One example is a provider in Borneo, whom I have been in involved in marketing over the past 3 yrs,I watched this 'Eco' tourism grow from strength to strength. At first their own product was modest in it's promotion. Eventually then with with positive feedback the calibre of the endorsement became better organised, the a sense of local administrative involvement spurred on a sense of confidence. Which in turn led to their participation in more professional tourism bodies. Which led to more extensive media coverage. Which in turn led to local and International awards, which led to more patronage. In turn the endorsement of more accommodations demands which led to more local employment opportunities. Which has led to more involvement in training programs which has increased the awareness of threatened species. And so it goes on and on.


The Government participation has given the providers more legitimacy and helps ensure the environment is adequately protected from over development.


Yes the benefits of 'Eco' tourism are many and varied and the time that this sustainable Industry be treated with the same respect as other long time Industries is at hand. If economic strategies and town planners fail to incorporate the opportunities of 'Eco' tourism into their projected forecasts they will not only fail to become part of a 'new economy' who virtues and achievements are enriching the lives of our Asian neighbours, they will rob there most valued resources their 'youth' of a priceless opportunity to become part of a valued International Renaissance in mutual appreciation and respect.


The beauty of the 'Eco' tourism model is the principles of the application can be repeated and layered over a cross section of any kind of geographic landscape and adopted to any culture.


All that is needed is sense of contribution and a willingness to learn more about the mystery’s of nature as in Asia or any where else for that matter.


*Content Source Whole Or Impart Eco Asia. Com

#Can I Adjust My Social Media To Adopt A Small Business Strategy?'

Posted by green2stay on June 1, 2015 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (627)


 'So you have a thousand face book friends, but now you want to develop a media strategy to your small business plan?

Great Idea, Don't feel overwhelmed the social media platform was created with the business model in mind,

The knack is knowing which type of platform to use and when?

Granted that now the social media sites are now targeting the small business audience should encourage you to investigate further.

Many platforms including facebook, twitter and google+ now specifically have modes of development and strategies to capture small business operators to encompass their suggestions in their sales and marketing programs tells you they to are chasing your business,

 We won't delve to much into that today as they are best ones to investigate their pay for promotion


 What we will do is just briefly discuss some of the free methods some of platforms offer by way of promoting and adopting a strategy to your business model.

 1/ Facebook

Facebook is probably the most widely known social media platform. You probably have liked a facebook business page yourself?


Very widely known and popular medium. Offers text, image and video options. Easy to set up and use

encompasses a casual user friendly atmosphere and offers a sms text link and message alert system.

Allows notifications and feed alerts from other sites such as pinterest and tumblr which is great for combining a strategy. A great option for video allows the movie to play when it reaches view which removes the need to press the play button, great for video impact.


As a social platform it has performed well but may not present as well an image when considered from a business perspective. Some of the newer social site's have learnt from some of evolution of facebook and have endeavoured to present a more formal or business like persona.

Also recent adjustments to facebooks pay to promote use have greatly restricted it's organic reach or audience reach. Overall though this has not deterred user's as they offer a low cost programs and have now included an analytics or audience report which allows you to investigate your viewers preferences in more detail. The video download however is quite slow and not as share friendly as other video or social share sites. Unrelated advertising appears on your screen feeds.


Google plus is the google version of facebook. Because google are a search engine themselves and have been developing their involvement in the area of social media. They have been able to include their extensive knowledge of internet use in their product, this pretty much is where they are hard to compete against. But one thing seems to be prevalent in Australia nearly every one I have enquired over the last at least 3 yr s is they have never heard of it or seem to not be as excited over. This may come down to awareness although I seem to sense a bit of the 'big corporation syndrome' as well. If you can't get past that google+ is great for reaching an International Audience and offer an extensive associated product range that can be adopted for use with your business model.


Great for connecting to an International audience many developing economies are adopting google+ plus enthusiastically. Google plus offer add free pages but allow you to promote your own promotion via your postings. People seem to enjoy the comment process like facebook and also have like button or a plus+ one option. Because google own youtube they offer easy linkage to video use and promotion. The method of posting is user friendly and the content displayed is either yours or your contacts only no intrusive unrelated advertising. Google offer community options and also have a video conference option they call hangouts.


As pointed out google+ is not as widely known as facebook in Australia any way so if may harder to reach a more local market. Google’s product’s may be not as easy to understand as some other sites for example I have seen people comment on the confusion on how to use them and the analytics report can be a bit overwhelming for the passive user.


Launched in 2010 pinterest is a photo or image platform. And have immersed themselves successfully into the social media product range. If your audience is in the established markets pinterest is great for photos that someone who appreciates better quality imaging. Pinterest has the ability to display all your recent postings on one page without the need to scroll. This is great for looking back at context of your campaign or product revision.


Very easy to use and post, women seem to love pinterest, if you enjoy viewing recipes, food or wildlife pinterest is your mode. Pinterest have by far the best analytics or audience report I have seen. It is very easy to understand and adopt into your understanding of audience target strategy.


Pinterest is not as popular as some other methods and allow only 500 characters of text on the posting. Videos links are displayed as still photos and the response time of postings does not seem to be as spontaneous other platforms in the reaction or feedback as your post?.


Twitter is the spontaneous incident social site, if you like having an entourage to follow your every thought and action this is the platform for you.


Instant spontaneous situation messaging, followers can catch your mood or opinion on the principle of the moment, so there is a sense of being in touch with each other on a more personal platform.


Only allows minimum text or short messaging, generally not the platform for imaging or quality photography. Twitter has claimed many a 'foot in mouth' syndrome victim because of the spontaneity of the social culture. Ask many a politician or celebrity for examples.


Youtube is the popular video sharing platform and is great for getting a film or documentary of your services to a vary large audience. Musicians especially have seized this platform to demo or share their content.


Good search results on search engines ensure your product is easy to find. Not many people have not used Youtube so it is an easy way to post, watch and share your content as tested, proven and established. Extensive sharing options.


Depending on your time of viewing you tube can contain unrelated advertising which interrupts your own video screening. Download times time on videos can take some time and the quality of the video is not always up to scratch.


Linkedin is a platform that it used to share Business portfolios and working resume profiles. It has more a professional sense about it's place in the mix. It also is a great place to find business associates details as I recently discovered. Many professionals love displaying there achievements on Linkedin sort of an online resume if you wish.


Corporations and professionals enjoy this more formal platform sense of sharing so it gives it a more serious tone to it's use. Great way to form-networks and business associations.


If people contact you on Linkedin generally it is about work or business, this pressure to appear more formal may not attract the same free flow or casual spontaneity as the other social sites. So you may not attain the same large scale audience.


Vimeo is another video or movie sharing platform. Vimeo feels very hip and youthful in it's feel of use and allows the reproduction of high quality video downloading. Many an art house

or film festival producer like to use Vimeo to share their content.


Great high definition video reproduction site. Attracts newer or artistic content or original projects.


The Vimeo free download service only allows minimum downloads of content per month.

Video download can take some time possibly 30 minutes. Does not have as extensive an audience or content as Youtube.

 This is just an informal guide to social site sharing and the experience may vary from user to user depending on your method of use and your target audience. Hopefully this will assist the unfamiliar with some options on their use of social media when adopting it as a channel for promoting a marketing strategy.

What ever channel you decide to use they all can be researched by way of their own advice on

getting recommendation's on the best style of use.

So what's stopping you happy posting and blogging with your new social media business strategy.

 *Source content impart #SWD Marketing Network.


'Why Do I Build An Eco Website? -Because This Is The Big League'

Posted by green2stay on February 13, 2014 at 6:35 AM Comments comments (533)


'Why Do I Build An Eco Website? -Because This Is The Big League'

Posted by green2stay-Ecotourism on February 13, 2014 at 6:35 AM Comments comments (0)

'Someone asked me that question today, essentially as sad as the reality is; it came down to one thing, economics.Im not talking about PERSONAL economics, Not a fuzzy feeling inside for cuddly animals, not a moral sense of what needs to be done, not a love of God or mankind, COLD HARD ECONOMICS!

What am I trying to say here? Today we live in an Financial driven system It is a economics game or a money LEAGUE if you like, Where the cost of planning implementing and running everything comes down to one thing, MONEY ,Can this make money?

So why the thought of a clean world is all nice and rosy the reality is something different,

My reason for building an Eco Website comes down to Communicating the various Concepts, Technologies, and Hardware that are being developed NOW. And by communicating these things to banks and financial institutions, we hope to convince them to provide monetary support for these concepts, and provide monetary support for where they are needed. Only by COMMUNICATING this information on mass, and developing these ideas on mass, can we drive the cost down and provide them where they are desperately needed.

If I, or we can find information, and deliver these ideas via a website, Ahead of other ideas, we can create a momentum of change, which will provide to these entities(banks and financiers) the evidence that they need to support them.

Make no mistake this is THE BIG LEAGUE, and you don't play the big league, or win it, by accident,

You need a plan, you need a coach, you need trainers, players, and an army of logistical support to make this grade, not to mention a support base of loyal fans.

But look at what is at stake, this is a game that cannot be lost. This is a game that must be won, and must be won by US. On top of that, this league must be won NOW; it can’t be won TOMMOROW or next year, or be won by the next generation. This is as game that is being played now; it must be won NOW and must be won by US!

So that’s why I build an Eco Website. Sometimes I’m the coach, sometimes a player other times I do other roles but one thing is for sure, I’m at that game, and it is being played now, and there is nothing I can change about that. So what about you where do YOU fit in this game? That is being played "LIVE' NOW whether you choose to WATCH it or not? Are you someone who just thinks you can just stroll past the stadium because you’re not involved? Well my friend, YOU are involved, you are involved, your MOTHER your FATHER your BROTHER your SISTER and your SON. Your DAUGHTER your CAT and your CANARY are all involved, and so is your neighbour and his family and everyone in your street, village and town they are ALL involved. YOU are on that pitch and that ball is coming at YOU.But also that ball is coming straight for YOUR wife or YOUR husband, YOUR grandmother YOUR kids, and you can't stop that ball coming towards everyone YOU care about. And you know what else? That ball is coming fast and it’s coming hard. So there YOU are, standing there on that field or oval, and YOU are in that league, and YOU are wearing colours.

The only question is? Whose colours are YOU wearing? You are involved, you’re in the game, and it’s the BIG LEAGUE? ARE YOU GONNA WIN THAT BIG LEAGUE"?

Or is someone or something else, going to win? YOU’RE BIG LEAGUE.That is Why I build an Eco Website.


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